About us

La Increíble is a music creation and production studio specialized in visual media.We are a team of composers with extensive experience creating and producing music for audiovisual formats: advertising, film, TV, video games, large events, and VR.

Our collaborative work dynamics and the high degree of complementarity in our profile as composers enable us to cover any style and adapt to every project’s specific needs.

La Increíble is our new label. We are backed by dozens of successful projects with various filmmakers, producers, national and international agencies. 

Contact us, and we will consult for you without any obligation to present you with all the options available for your project. We are as comfortable working on highly complex productions as with the simplest ones.

Iván Cester

He made his debut as the film composer for “Timecode,” the only Spanish short film to be awarded the “Palme d ‘Or” and dozens of international awards, including a Goya, an Oscar nomination, and multiple mentions for its soundtrack. Since then, he has worked non-stop with national and international directors.

Javier Bayón (a.k.a. Meno the Kid)

We cannot think of anything that Javier hasn’t tried in the world of music. From classical orchestration to the avant-garde, he virtually masters any style. He worked with high-profile figures such as Ludovico Einaudi and Pharrell Williams. What else can we say?

David Miret (a.k.a Miret)

Miret is an enthusiastic creative soul. He has been producing, composing, mixing and playing at many of the world's most prestigious festivals and venues for years. He is a specialist in urban and electronic music, always versatile, elegant and attentive to detail. He has released music in many international labels.

Manuel Bernal

Sound engineer with over 12 years of experience in the recording studio and live. He worked with musicians of the stature of Jorge Pardo, Chester Thompson, Jeff Ballard, and El Piraña, among others.


Our smart rate system allows us to adapt to any project in a completely transparent way, offering you the ideal solution for any budget. Contact us with no obligation so we can advise you about all the production options you have in mind.
  • Premium rate: It includes everything you can imagine. You set the limits.
  • Medium rate: This is our most popular option. It is flexible and adapts to the vast majority of projects.
  • Smart Cost rate: Many projects do not require large productions; we can help you achieve an optimal result by finding simple solutions.
  • Music Library: we also manage the license of a catalog of over 180,000 musical pieces and special effects. We always work with songs recorded by instrumental groups so we can edit, add, or remove tracks… We adapt the music to your project.
* All our rates include voice over recording.

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